My Lack Of Stick-To-It-iveness And The Results


Sep 2, 2019
So. You guys.

I'm SUPER mad at myself.

I'm one of those airy-fairy peeps. (^__^) With just a- well-

A dash of procrastination. Okay, a LOT of procrastination!

The kind who says "I'm gonna do this and that ."

And then- can ya guess what happens?- I behave myself for a bit, being disciplined and consistent.

Before totally ghosting on whatever the current goal happens to be! (>___<)

Not long ago, that was Hubpages. I wrote a retail-focused article on there, (Working in a retail store is my main job) made it kinda funny and lighthearted, and didn't expect it to really go anywhere.

-Fast forward several months and I'm going through my emails to see an offer where someone wanted to FEATURE MY ARTICLE ON THEIR WEBSITE.

*Screams in writer*

And I didn't see that offer until months later. *Bangs head on keyboard in frustration*

So my goal- of course- is to remain cheerful- dang it- and to use this as a LESSON., I'm still mad at myself. :p
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