My grandson


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Oct 31, 2011
Hello folks.

My grandson has made a video for a competition on the internet, a competition I believe is run by Saga magazine. He asked me to tell people about it so I decided to post it up here. It gives a really nice view of growing old; in fact it gave me somewhat of a boost seeing as I recently passed my 55th birthday myself!

The video is entitled 'Being 50: The Poet', and you can watch it by clicking on the blue writing below:

If you like the video and would like to leave a comment, please do so. Any comments will greatly help out my grandson as I believe the judges like to see if the public have enjoyed each video when judging the contest. Don't think you have to be elderly like me to enjoy the video either - it sends out a great message to everyone... we'll all be old someday!

Thank you kindly.