My friends are conspiring against what I truly want.



My circle of friends has been talking about going on a trip together and one of my buddies suggested going on a real singles tour. I’ve never heard of such a trip and after they explained to me what usually goes on in these types of events, I was thinking of backing out. The thing is, they know I’ve been down in the dumps lately after my fiancée broke off our engagement a few weeks ago. All this has made me think this is all a conspiracy to push me to start dating again, with the guise of a group outing.

I mean I know that my friends mean well and that I should be moving on, but truthfully, I’m still not over her and our failed relationship. I want to just lie low for a while and move on naturally, in my own terms. How can I make them understand that, without giving off the impression that I don’t appreciate their effort?


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Jul 23, 2018
You should just tell them how you feel and that you appreciate their efforts to help you move on. If you don't feel like going then don't go. You seem like you are already in the process of moving past the event. Continue doing so and don't get caught up in thinking you can try and rekindle the relationship. Give her the time she needs to think over her decision and she may decide on her own to reestablish contact. Now don't wait on this to happen, move on. There is more I would like to say but I don't know the whole story, anyways good luck to you my friend.