Meet Our New Personal Growth Tool: Maple

Mar 1, 2018
Maple is your secret weapon for personal growth. It’s a suite of online tools you can use to identify and internalize your insights. Then organize and curate those A-Ha moments into the inspiration, motivation and self-connection that propels you towards your goals. Maple keeps everything in one easy to use place. It’s accessible from any device. It’s a safe place for you to work – secure, private and anonymous. Plus you can start using Maple for free.

Looking for an app? We got you! Go to the Microsoft or Google Play store and search for Maple. iOS users, we haven’t forgotten you! Your app is on its way. Join our Apple Mailing list and we’ll give you a head’s up right before the iOS version is available and maybe a little something extra for being so patient.

No time to download? No problem go to to create an account and start Mapling.