Like Attracts Like, Whether You Appreciate Yourself Or Not

Sep 13, 2019
I would like you to be aware that appreciation is the alpha and omega of a rewarding manifestation. If the process of manifestation were a bracelet, the clasps that hold it together would be “appreciation.” Simply put, what you appreciate is what you build on, and what you don't appreciate degrades. It's the start and the finish. If you appreciate what you attract and experience, then your starting point for what you attract in the future will start at that higher foundation of appreciation and grow into something bigger and better. If you decide not to deliberately manifest and only appreciate what you have, you will still build on your previous appreciation. From your previous appreciation, you will draw in more rewarding experiences from the new platforms you manifest from.

Besides having an overall appreciation in life, there is one form of appreciation that is still imperative for success, and this includes manifestation success. What I'm talking about is self-appreciation. There is an essential rule for your appreciation to be felt and appreciated by others, and that is to appreciate yourself first. Let's say a person who doesn't take care of himself shows contempt for you and has no problem telling you he doesn't like you. It's evident by his lack of hygiene and poor posture that he doesn't appreciate or even respect himself. Would you lose much sleep knowing this individual doesn't like you? You most likely wouldn’t. You would probably want him to go away and stay away. If that person showed admiration for you, would you want to include a person like this in your circle of friends? Probably not. So remember, people like to have admiration and respect, but from people who appreciate and respect themselves first.

Therefore, the ultimate question of self-appreciation is, “Am I someone whom I would like to meet and get to know?” The answer needs to be a solid yes. The reason is, you and only you will ever be and could ever be the foundation that will support your desires, and worthwhile manifestations rely on a healthy self-esteem. Think of your self-esteem as the plaster and the manifested desires as the pretty, shiny wallpaper you wish to put on the plaster. If the plaster is gritty, you may get the wallpaper on for a moment, only to soon watch it fall off the wall. In other words, attraction isn't like selling an item on a classified ad after you discovered a piece of junk you don't want is a highly coveted antique. According to the law of attraction, if you think you are junk then so will everyone else.

Point being is, how you see yourself is how others will see you. Also, like attracts like. If you don't think highly of yourself then you will be surrounded by people who don't respect you. You can still attract abundance but it most likely won't last if you are dissatisfied with the co-creators who are making it possible for you. For example, let’s say someone lands a job that is a dream come true for this person. The job is very exciting and lucrative. Also, the job requires work-hours that are perfect for this person. However, this person is disregarded by all the people he/she works with. Because of this, the actual work experience gradually becomes more of a nightmare than a dream, as the days progress. This, in turn, will be the reason this person eventually abandons their “dream job,” or gets fired.

Why did this happen? It happened because this person lacks self-worth. This person put gorgeous wallpaper over old, crumbly plaster only to watch it slowly fall off the walls. That’s a lot of invested time to accumulate trash; don't you think? Once you learn to appreciate who you are, that appreciation will grow towards self-esteem and self-respect. Self-appreciation, self-respect, and self-esteem need to be a part of your life if you ever want to manifest worthwhile experiences that will last. The main reason being is, like attracts like.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~