Life is Precious - A True Story About a Man Named Fredrick


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May 15, 2018
Life is precious, but why do so many of us de-prioritize or not recognise the things that matter the most? In this video I'll share a true story about Fredrick; a man who was so caught up in his work and embodying the financial success of the American Dream that he failed to recognise what was most important. Fredrick often told his wife that he'd retire in a few years and THEN he'd have plenty of time to spend with his family. Unfortunately Fredrick never got the chance to retire. At 51 he was killed in a car accident.

So many of us are consumed by all the things that don’t really matter in life and it’s typically only through tragedy or facing adversity that you recognise what’s most important in this life.

Life is precious. What are you doing today to make time for the things that truly matter? A couple years ago, I was Fredrick. Living in the future and for the future. I was consumed with being financially successful and didn't recognise what mattered most and what was right in front of me.