Let your soul, lead your footsteps where your heart comes alive...

JJ Inkpen

May 12, 2018
London, Uk
(Inspirational poem)

Do that what you do that sparks your passion,
As this probably is the gift with which you were fashioned,
Explore this world take curious action,
The momentum will build towards where you find attraction,
Expect resistance when you get on track,
As darkness wants to set you back,
Through friends and family, the enemy will attack,
keep the faith forgive because it's all just a trap,
The sermon of Nay Sayers an the choir of critiques,
Are stepping stones to success and are all prerequisites,
Time to step to your calling And concur the sky,

So let your soul lead your footsteps where your heart comes alive!

'House of Inkpen'

P.s. any other inspirational poems are dually welcome...