Keep a family journal


Jan 14, 2012

The Family Journal
  • What: A sturdy, spiral bound, hard cover book with lines spaced wide enough that a grade-school-er would not be intimidated.
  • Authors: Anyone in the family who can write legibly, though younger artists are encouraged to add illustrations.
  • Where: Kept in the open, pen sandwiched inside, ready for instant reporting.
The Family Journal Contains:
  • Humorous quotes from the children (or parents!)
  • Ways the Lord has blessed the family
  • Significant family events
  • Gratefulness lists
  • Requests and answered prayers
  • Notes from visiting friends
Benefits of the Family Journal:
  • A place for young writers to showcase their progress
  • A record to instruct the children in God’s faithfulness
  • Young children can be encouraged in the skill of narration as older family members take dictation
  • Best of all, the Family Journal provides a unique way to honor a family member on their birthday. The Librarian or Scribe of the family can spend some time prior to a birthday looking back and bookmarking passages that record personal development, funny quotes, and ways that God has used or blessed the birthday person. These selections can be read aloud at the birthday dinner or over dessert, and the whole family can laugh and celebrate that member of the family as the gift from God that they are.

I'm not religious, so I see the benefits of a family journal as less God-oriented, but regardless, it's a great idea.
Mar 5, 2012
Thank-you for the detailed information on keeping a family journal. I think this is a great idea and I am giving some though to starting a journal the way you have described.