It's Not Always Bad Karma If Things Go Wrong

Sep 13, 2019
The intensity of your karmic repercussions depends on your intentions during your expressions and not so much the disaster you may have created. It is impossible to move through life and not create unwanted circumstances for others, no matter how pure your intentions are. Just because things go wrong doesn't mean karma's going to get you, and just because things went wrong for you doesn't mean it was the wrath of karma. If you had a quick mishap, maybe it was the only intercept that could have made you act. Perhaps it was just a kick in the but to motivate you. It's impossible to know this if you don't have any premeditated goals or intentions. However, If you do have a purpose and intent, you can identify what's happening.

Here is a personal example of manifestation kicking me in the rear through a big mishap because I never made a move. What seemed like a karmic backlash was a situation created to make me do what I knew I would eventually do; I just didn't know when. Anyway, the story goes like this. I started getting tired of paying over twenty dollars for a buzz-cut that took the stylist no more than four minutes to complete. I also would give four dollars in gratuity for my cut out of kindness. I had my hair cut by a professional twice a month which totaled six-hundred-dollars a year and 36 hours of my time. I knew I could do it myself, and I knew that I would do it one day. However, I kept putting it off due to the fear of messing it up beyond repair. I didn't want to look like I lost a bet from having to cut my hair really short to even out the mess I made. However, I still truly believed I would eventually do it myself. I even asked questions to the barbers and owned a professional electric shaver that was given to me.

To be brief, one day I was stung by a wasp right between the eyes. I was rushed to the emergency room because I had an allergic reaction and turned purple. The next two days my face looked like a swollen pimple. I had to call into work because my eyes were almost forced shut from my puffy cheeks. I was home-bound and too embarrassed to get my much-needed haircut because I looked like a monster. At that same moment, an AHA thought struck me. I realized that I couldn't get any uglier than I was, so for the first time, I slowly buzz-cut my hair. I had nothing but time, so I started high on the shaving attachments and gradually got the gist of it. I still looked like a monster for three days, but I was a well-groomed monster.

That is what I would call a law of manifestation kick-in-the-but because, like electricity, attraction and manifestation take the shortest path. If there's too much resistance in the more accessible routes, it will eventually find its way through the more complex scenarios. It's not always bad karma if things go wrong. Many times, it will be your lack of synchronicity. Your thoughts, beliefs, intentions, and actions have to be on the same wavelength or else, in your path towards change, there will be a conflict of interests materializing before you. Therefore, always keep your previous intentions and beliefs fresh in your mind so when things go awry, you will have a better understanding of why it happened.

Let's say a high school graduate wants to join a specific college because she genuinely believes it's the best one for her. From day one she is met with resistance. Her request letter gets lost in the mail, so she decides to drive to the office and hand it in after her day-job. She is met with heavy traffic on the way over and doesn't make it on time because the office closed earlier than usual that day. She decides to go back the next day, but the person she needs to talk to is home with the flu. Against her better judgment, she drops off the letter which again gets lost in the shuffle of paperwork. She makes an appointment after discovering the letter was lost again. On the day of the scheduled appointment, she reaches for her outfit of choice and finds that it became the cat’s new scratch-post of choice. That was the best professional outfit she had. Luckily, no other outfit was touched, so she settled for second best. She finally makes it to the office and finally gets to talk to the right person. Unfortunately, this ends up being two months after she sent the first letter, and sadly enough she is turned down because (in the eyes of the recruiter) her eagerness was sub-par to all the other applicants who applied much earlier than her. Although dismayed, she was relieved when the school of her second choice accepted her application within the first week. Unbeknownst to her, this happened because the second school of choice is the school that best matches her beliefs.

In your journeys, your hardships will either be due to your karma, your beliefs, your default manifestations, your default attractions, your truth, your destiny, or a combination of the six. In the graduate’s case, it was all six. The truth is, the first school of choice won't be what she believes it will be. It may be what she desires, but if she doesn't believe it, she won't get it. Also, she could have been imagining how great it will be when the reality of the matter or the truth is, she would be disappointed. A successful attraction happened immediately and was right in front of her the entire time. The school that matches her beliefs was ready to take her during her entire ordeal with the other school. karma struck because she borrowed a friend's outfit a while back and when it got too hot, she placed the jacket down and left it behind. The jacket was part of her friend's best outfit but just like the cat, in the name of comfort, she ended up ruining a full outfit. Just like the cat, she couldn't replace it, and just like the cat she forgot about it shortly after. Like her friend, she had many other outfits, and like her friend she moved on to other clothing selections and got over it fast. Next would be her destiny because she met her future husband in the school that was her second choice. Years later, as she looks back and reminisces, she can appreciate the overall manifested experience she had and how it all began.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~