It's Easier To Succeed Than To Fail

Samuel Rosario

Coaching Member
May 6, 2016
Maybe you thought that I wrote my title incorrectly..

I did not..

You see, our natural instinct as humans beings is to win. We have been born to win in life. We have come to this world to be free, to be winners, to succeed When we are kids we don't understand the words ; ''You're not allowed'' or '' You can't do that''. We go after things.

However, somewhere along the way, we forget and leave behind that instinct. We start to hear from our family, friends, the news or our teachers about how hard life is, how terrible things in life can be, therefore, we lose our self-confidence and totally lose sight of what we have come for to this world.

Fortunately, we can recover all that, reading positive books rather than the newspaper, listening to personal development audios instead of the news, getting around dreamers and not around ''common'' people.

Keep these habits daily and you'll see how you'll have a mental metamorphosis and will be able to find yourself again!.