It usually doesn't but this is how positive thinking can work.

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
This is an article on Escaping Duality Through Polarity. I must first define what I mean by "work" when I say positive thinking can or can not work. When I say "work" I'm only mean it can or can not be utilized as a successful tool to change your relationship with life's circumstances and situations and change your relationship with people and finances. To each his own as far as what we seek to get out of growth tools for me as an integration coach that is all that matters….lets start!

If you have read anything from me before you may know I'm not a huge fan of positive thinking as a tool for transforming lives. It is a very advance and difficult path. Its like standing in the road to stop on coming cars when you look at what is taking place within.

Two reasons I cautiously promote positive thinking, first, often positive thinking is the term used when positive feeling or emotion is the real subject matter. It is like the nerd who gets his credit stolen on a project from his partner.

Second, in order to think positive a lot of times we must fall deep into duality by judging the event as good, bad, wanted, unwanted. This is a trap many fall into that will surely divide creation energy and attract sporadically. As the law of creation states we attract on the leading edge of life and any work done after this point is against the initial judgment making change in this paradigm an instant up hill battle. For example people who cancel thoughts, The thought came and left after it leaves or when it arises you play some silly game of control like we can truly dictate what the spiritual realm decides to gives us on top of that the energy spent usually forces the thought to hang around.

However if one was to use a label lets say the word beauty and use it as the only means to label life it then can become a singularity through focus. I'm sure you know the quantum field collapses through focus. You are able to merge into oneness albeit through a label but it still works for transformations.

Here is how this looks in walking life, you start to say everything is beautiful in your life as the first judgment no mater what you encounter. After constant and consistent work to train your filters you will began to connect your world to oneness, in this case of beauty, this 1 point can become a portal of unity for life and allow you to become connected with acceptance for what arises in your experience.

This acceptance will lessen the aggression to be heard by inner creations previously judged and blocked to causing an inner build up from the constant passion of your source energy to create through you!

Used seriously and with devotion this can be quite amazing. Being an integration coach in which I focus on the front line of physical life meeting spiritual matters my experience tells me most don't train themselves well enough to takes this path. This is why the what I call petty take aways of daily positive thinking aren't worth the time or struggle.

if you devote to ones through positive thinking you can find a path to your God. This is how positive thinking can truly shift your world and if you are interested in learning more this is how I can help. I often post articles here for those who seek a more primed and spiritual path to success and I can always be reached through my website listed in my signature.

To being the hero of your story!