Is Life Stagnant Because of Your Positive Warrior Attitude?

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Hello my friends, I have checked in but haven't been as active here. I've been in the test group phase of my new online course teaching definiteness of purpose to mlm members, network marketers, home based business owners ect. I wanted to share my observations of students especially from my new paradigm and perspective guided by a spiritual teacher I've been really inspired by in 2015, Matt Kahn, Divine Nature.

The perspective I have on personal development has changed drastically as seen in my post in this forum on the down falls of positive thinking and personal development overall.

Basically, my experience has lead me to believe our attitude and thoughts actually create somewhat of the guidelines and structure for different LIFE GAMES we can choose to play. For example in my own life my devoted dedication to personal development for 10 years in retrospect seems to have actually caused many of my challenges in my life.

"So wait J.E, are you saying positive thinking made things worst?"

No I'm not saying that exactly but I kind of am saying that, read on.

So if you are or you work with MLMs, network marketers or entrepreneurs in general you know the people pulled in that direction are surely tough cookies and go-getters. A large portion of them have a warrior attitude of reliance and perseverance.

So back to choosing life games to play. I noticed from my observation with this group of individuals was that a heavy life attitude of resilience can yield situations in which you are given task to promote and exercise your outlook.

Since you likely have an advance level of understanding of personal growth being you are in this forum, I won't dive into how we manifest or the grace of our creator to yield our deepest desires.

Just imagine a person who has a consistent affirmation and thoughts of being an overcomer and survivor of tough situations life throws at them. Could this person be creating tough situations to benefit from powering through them, overcoming the challenge and being correct in their outlook?? Could they have unconsciously chose to play the game of overcoming?

Could my years of saying I'm such a positive thinker have brought me situations to judge negative and use my positive skills??
I seem to have been playing a "think positive through this s**t, and this and this, game" :)

I'll save my solution findings for another post for now, as we all strive to increase awareness and live an incredible life this is just something to think about.

I'd love to hear any perspective, question or comment on a larger perspective on how our thoughts create life situations and circumstances and not just material results.

"To Being the Hero Of Our Story"!!!

Coach Roberson