Is it possible to bring the mindfulness into your everyday life?

Mar 10, 2019
The desire to live, interest in life, the taste of life and joy come back thanks to the technique...
I always knew that the world I see exists only in my perspective and for successful happy and healthy life you need to learn how to be aware of the illusions of your brain and the true intentions of your soul. I have read a lot of literature and went to many lectures in such topics and all of it made sense. Yet I never new how to utilise the knowledge in my life, it always felt like my life doesn't belong to me, like I always was caught up in overthinking my future or past. And everytime exiting the a class of meditation or yoga, all of my problems were coming back...
How to reach my potential?
Understand my true desires?
Get rid of masks and illusions?
I found answers to all of these questions at a retreat.
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