Integration Of The Soul

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Although we all have our own personal goals with our personal and spiritual development. I can say with certainty our higher non physical self seeks integration into our life. Our higher form seeks to lead us with its infinite wisdom.

Every aspect of self involved can benefit from the full integration of spirit in your daily life.

The truth is their are many ways to cultivate the embodiment of source energy and as teachers all we can do is point into the right direction because the path is personal and must be sought by the individual.

Those who have touched the paradigm realization that practices such as meditation, yogi, Ta chi and all other practices are only to bridge the gap between our personal duality understand living in that space previously reserved for private time is the next plateau.

Integration starts with integration.

Please share how you integrate your spirit into your everyday walking life. If you don't have a means ask me I'll share a few that work great with my clients and myself.