Increasing Awareness For Increased peace

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
Do you know how to increase the Peace you experience daily?

It is something we share as humans, that is, feeling a certain way in relationship to our current circumstance. This can be a situation we face in daily life or a life circumstance we find ourself in. Either way at that moment its grab control and we have fully engulfed feelings that don't sit well in our bodies.

If we think of the moment we have awareness as the moment we regain any power previously lost, its easier to see the closer the awareness moment is to the lost of power the less we will experience mental suffering.

When awareness comes sometimes we look back and say wow I was really sad/angry/mad ect last month, other times it can be wow I just flipped out a few minutes ago.

Of course the sooner you are able to get out of the feelings and witness that emotion the less suffering, however the truth is no matter when you become aware of your lost of power you can benefit the same from your awareness. This means the power to grow and overcome any future encounters is the same rather you say wow i was out of control last week or last hour.

The challenge then becomes and what I want to provide a 2 suggestion guidance plan to is the means to peace when your awareness comes really close to or in a negative feeling moment.

The first step is the realization that an internal feeling is Godly or universal proof its more than okay to feel that way at that time. When you don't feel ideal realize an internal power has provided this feeling without your direct doing. If you are great at self talk say

"This is exactly how I should feel at this moment" as you aggressively seek to locate its bodily origin through internal feeling.

The next step is to understand what your body is trying to prepare you for. being our greatest advocate our body and emotions will give warnings to prevent danger and protects us. The only flaw is the guidance is only based on past experience.

At this time you should ask "what are you trying to tell me?" While doing this listen to your mind chatter not as critical information but as a child talking about a monster in the closet. Listen with love and undivided attention.

Repeat the 2 steps if necessary until you feel diffused.

Thank you for reading, and receiving my love for your growth.

Feel free to question or comment :)