Important vs. Urgent... Which Tasks Brings You Success?


Coaching Member
Jun 8, 2018
Which tasks should you do, and what you shouldn´t?
Everyone has some tasks, which are important.
But, we also have tasks, which isn´t as much important, but they are urgent.
Important is for example working on your new project.
Urgent is when you have calls all day, which isn´t related to your most important task.
See the difference?
Steven Covey in his book First things first, explain this difference more deeply.
Our live will have meaning, we will reach success, when we focus on Important over Urgent.

In our careers, businesses, this is even more important. You can´t succeed in business, when you will still deal with not important things and you will be always interrupted by Urgent, but not important task.

What is important for you, and what are some urgent situations you have to deal with, in your business?