I feel sooo tired when I wake up


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May 9, 2014
I was went thought this Tony Robbins program where he taught you how to get more energy in your day to day,living and in that program he talked about what could be causing us to feel so tired and weary when we are going through our day to day lives and something that he mentioned that hugely impacted how much energy we had daily was our diets. It's generally what we eat is what our bodies use and if we eat junk then we are going to feel like junk.

I thought about this for a while and then I began to Implement the things that he thought I even changed up my diet to one that was much more cleaner and I made sure that my alkaline levels were higher then the acid levels in my body and much to my surprise I actually began to feel more energetic and the laggy feeling that I was having seem to leave my body.

A good book that you can read that will allow you to do the same thing is called "The Ultra Mind Solution by Mark Hyman" that book is really good and if you follow the examples that are available in that book will help you cure things like brain fog and such. Check it out and implement you won't regret it. You could find that book on Amazon.com just in case you were wondering.


May 8, 2014
The quality of sleep can be determined by a lot of things. Your personal body clock might need less sleep than recommended, or more sleep (especially if you're depressed, which won't always show up as emotional or mood swings...sometimes it just comes up in hypersomnia and bad-quality sleep, but of course this must be diagnosed by a professional so don't just take this post or my word for it).

Others have mentioned nutrition, of iron (and, I would recommend B-vitamins too) but light cues can also disrupt sleep or a melatonin deficiency.

It could be routine, it could be emotional stress, it could be lack of exercise, underbreathing or overbreathing, allergies... It could be a lot of things.


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Jul 31, 2014
Simple tips is: think about what you love to do all of your day or if you must work at job, ask yourself what you can do at free time and what you can do to make you happy at your job. Have happy day is so important and worth to do. Ask and do it.