Humbling Death.

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    When I think of death, I think of gratitude. Gratitude towards this life I live. Life is a miracle, and the only way to cultivate it, is to be thankful for it. Death reminds us of how every-day, mundane, small stuff that go through our minds are unimportant. Death is humbling to a point where it tells us that we are small, little creatures, roaming a planet which circles around a star, which is one of billions in our galaxy. Death tells us that life is not to be taken for granted like most people do. Sometimes I forget I could die at any moment, and without realizing, I'm gone. I just wanted to share these thoughts that I think would help someone out there. Life is beautiful, love is the way.

    Thank you.
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    "Life is beautiful, love is the way."

    Great thought.

    In fact, every breath we take can make us humble, when we find that we cannot make anything like this.

    Oh!! What is life? With full of mysteries and surprises. We even don't know what is life? I often remember Movie Matrix.

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