How to stop desiring women. I'm committed to self-betterment

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    I'm 30 y/o male,

    I'm working on a project that is very important to me and I'm trying to channel all my focus on
    the project. However often I feel very distracted by thoughts about women.

    I know this is completely natural. It's just a sign of being healthy straight man. I haven't been out
    to go to party or club or anything of that nature for over a year. I don't even mind that much but how
    I desire to meet women drives me crazy. Up until now I've managed to override the desire but it's becoming
    increasingly difficult to keep it up. I've conditioned myself into thinking that every day I'm not working on the project
    is a wasted day. I haven't masturbated for a very long time too. I just don't wanna masturbate. I don't watch porn either.

    I don't know should I seek my doctor if he can prescribe something that would lower my libido ?
    Any suggestions ?

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