How To Remove Unwanted People From Your Life "L.O.A. Style”

Sep 13, 2019
Is there someone you can’t stand? Wanna get rid of them? Well then look no further because I know of a fun contract-destroying exercise. In this exercise, you get to breach an interpersonal contract, all the while loving every minute of it. The way to do this is to raise your vibrations.

First of all, the reason you are in a rut is when you first met this person you either did not show this person any love or you flat-out did not like this person at all. Simultaneously, this person also didn’t express or feel any love for you or express any positive energy towards you, whatsoever. It might have been more subtle where you were minding your own business and ended up being a target.

Whatever the circumstances are, the two of you have a vibe clash. The cause can be transparent or something on a deep subconscious level. Regardless of your case, you still had something to do with this bond. If you showed love or expressed positive energies, and that person accepted it, you would have bonded in a positive way. However, if you projected positive energy on a deep level and that person chose not to accept it, then you both would have repelled.

Firstly, you need to realize that action alone “or being nice” isn't the recipe for being an admirable individual. The recipe is to have a genuine affinity for other people while having a genuine affinity for yourself as well. When you show a genuine affinity for another person, they will feel it and know it. When this affinity for yourself and others is your truth, and you feel it, others will feel it too and feel comfortable in your presence. It must come from the heart, not from the brain or from the norm of what you should do and what should make you get along with others.

Anyway, let's go back to that relationship where the two of you hate each other. You both do not express any love for each other and because of this, you are both engaged in a very unpleasant relationship, contract bond. That said, here is how to get out. I want you to get out a piece of paper. Next, you are to write all the things you like about that person. I am aware that pouring sand in your eyes seems like a more pleasant experience than this. However, it is imperative that you understand this so you don't make this mistake again.

You are to think of this person and try to locate as many similarities as you can. You are to look for similarities that make you both attractive and strong. You should also seek admirable qualities in this person you wish you could improve on. After that, find the similarities in both of you that need work and aren't so attractive. Don't only find what's unattractive in that person because that's what got you into this mess. Only find the unattractive traits that you know for a fact you both have. You will more than likely find alpha traits in that person you also have. You more than likely will find things you don't like about yourself that the other person most likely dislikes in his or herself too. However, that's not of your concern.

((Your primary concern is to find all the things that make you two alike, both good and bad.))

Stay more focused on the good traits, but stay aware of the dark side in the two of you that are similar. Become aware that the two of you struggle with the same issues as a result of your dark sides and as a result of living in this world. General things like the similarities in age, nationality, and profession should also be included. The way to overcome blockages (if you are struggling with this) is to think of that person sitting with you on your couch in your living room. After that, think of yourself in their living room, sitting on their couch. You will have to be imaginative when imagining their living room as I'm sure the two of you never socially bonded on this level. After you can do that and be comfortable, you can begin your list.

I would like to emphasize that I'm not suggesting you force yourself to be kind to this person or do much different than you have been doing unless what you are doing is mean or negatively aggressive. The only thing I'm asking you to do is recognize that person’s exceptional qualities and what makes you two alike, then feel it. That is all you have to do. The word “tolerate” doesn't exist in the world of deliberate manifestation. Tolerating means you're going to put up with it, and you're going to suffer in silence. Tolerating nonsense is not what I'm suggesting you put yourself through. I am suggesting you stay focused on the good traits and similarities. There is no need to change a thing. Deal with this person as usual, but with your new state of mind. Read your list until you can feel that bond whenever you think of this person.

Keep reading your notes until every time you think of that person you recognize and feel their great qualities and how similar the two of you are. An amazing thing will happen if you do this correctly. That person will disappear out of your life in a way that you no longer interact with him or her. In rare cases, you might get along with that person, but that's usually not the case because that person typically won't be willing to see the better side of you. Love being the universal winner will cause that person to move away from you. In some cases, you might find yourself moving up to a better area, or a better position, or a better situation that is away from that person.

Keep in mind that after you start this exercise you may notice you act differently around this person. You may notice you respond to this person or speak to this person differently. You may also notice that you are suddenly able to avoid this person effortlessly. By doing this contract-breach focus, you will alter your magnetic field and ultimately alter their existence in your life. I have done this with great success, and if you do this correctly you will experience less weight on your shoulders. Make sure to make this a habit with the new people in your life so you will move forward agreeing to pleasant contracts. Otherwise, you will end up attracting the same person with a different name.

As a side note, if your view of others is bad, then you are pushing away a lot of potentially fulfilling relationships. This is because the people who you see the bad in sees the good in themselves and you. These people refuse to see it any other way, and for that, you will repel them. In other words, these rules go both ways. For the sake of your well-being, choose the side of unity. The ride in life will be a lot smoother. If you don't have a favorable view towards others and believe that the people you're going to be around will annoy you, then you are going to attract others with that same belief.

On a final note, you would be surprised how you physically change in the eyes of others when your attitude changes. Your opinions and beliefs about yourself and others are felt and sensed by others. Let's say you're wearing a white shirt and you spill a drop of mustard on it, during lunch. The more you think about it, the more everyone else is going to notice it. It's a very similar concept. What you focus on, concerning yourself, is what others see in you. If the other person has the mustard stain and you stay focused on it, then that person won't feel comfortable around you and will avoid you. Your attention plays a considerable role in your relationships with others as well as the maintaining of your contracts.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~