How To Own Guide To Self-Improvement Journey?

Jun 8, 2020
Self-Improvement means enhancing your own value or worth.

Self-Improvement is the process where you learn from the mistake of yours or others and be a better version of yourself. Where to begin is the problem many of us face right now. How and where to begin the improvement journey, what changes small or big should we apply in life.

The main problem is information overload which the majority of the population face during self-improvement.

When we think about Self-Improvement suddenly many factors come at once like-meditation, gym, confidence, communication skills, and many more and our mind can’t decide on that which leads to freezing. Here the procrastination comes on the way, we procrastinate work on the next day and so on…

Before starting the Self-Improvement journey Identify yourself with four simple steps:

Write down the following answer in a notebook:

  1. Start with an introspection. Ask yourself what you need to improve to get a better life and success. Write down all the things on paper. If possible, make a chart.

  1. Find a solution on how to get those skills and procedures by researching on google. Having proper research and ideas is important.

  1. Find a good source to learn those skills. Example: if you are lacking humor watch the best t.v shows and comedians on youtube.

  1. Get the inspiration at a regular interval to be motivated by youtube or TEDx. Start moving to your goal slowly and slowly.

Here is the first step to self-development :

Make a chart in which making two-column one is what you want to improve in yourself and another is an obstacle you would face or the procedure for achieving that goal.

If you try to write the whole thing which is in your mind suddenly you are getting the path to achieve.

Looking goodHitting Gym-Get a Gym Membership
Take a Baby Steps:(First steps to Self-Improvement)

Start your self-improvement journey with small things with easy obstacles. Because if you face hard obstacles at very first you would definitely procrastinate. So start with an easy goal or realistic goal. Having a vision is important but a realistic goal is more dominant.

After making the chart, start with small and practice it daily-

Always start with small changes to organize your surroundings. Like cleaning your smartphone junk, cleaning your p.c, cleaning your room, making your bed, etc.

Tackling small obstacles will increase your confidence level, willpower, and you would become more disciplined. You won’t feel the power of these small changes but long term it makes drastic changes.

Organizing things gives you mental clarity and makes you focus.

Having perfection in the self-improvement journey is unrealistic and imaginary. No one gets perfection in anything. The Fact is you improve day by day and be perfect from older you.
Say NO To Procrastinate:

Stop Procrastinating: Use 3…2…1 Rule to get any task completed with focus.

3…2…1…Rule: Whenever you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must do so within 3 seconds otherwise your brain will kill the idea and you will start to procrastinate. So the next time you want to get started on something, count down in your head: 3, 2, 1 — and go!!


  1. Any task in which you are thinking again and again while doing some other task.
  2. Start to count 3…2…1 when you say 1 stop there and stop whatever you are doing.
  3. Complete your leftover task which makes you unfocus from the present.

The main aim to stop procrastinating is to live in the present.

Like if you are hungry then count 3…2…1 and go for some food. If you are watching T.V and thinking about the mail you have to reply to count 3…2…1 and do it right now.

The main purpose of this rule is to stop procrastinating. Make it a habit. This rule acts as a stimulus for the brain, as we need someone at every moment to guide ourselves. By this rule, you challenge your own mind and nothing is as important as defeating your own mind.
Find a permanent source of happiness:

How to be Happy is the primary and most important aspect of life. Many billionaires aren’t happy with the money they earn, they don’t have the inner satisfaction and their whole life passes away with working and earning money. There is some temporary source of happiness but it won’t last forever. Self-development is a life-long journey.

Wanting: It is something you need for temporary happiness, it will decrease with time.

Suppose as a teenager, when you get your first smartphone or laptop you would be really super happy but with time passes by your source of happiness changes and it is natural. Thus wanting is not a criterion of happiness.
Happiness Vs Time Graph

One of the best sources of happiness is meditation and calming the mind:

Mindfulness is the key to happiness from the inside. The majority of people train physically their bodies but not their brains. They always complain about not improving. Train the hell brains as you do to your body. The best and effective method is meditation. As there are enormous scientific studies on meditation which I am not going to discuss.

Benefits of adapting meditation:

  1. Physically changes your brain: Studies say that meditation for just 8 weeks increases brain size in three beneficial areas.

Basically, you train all your cognitive aspects of the brain. Take 8 weeks’ challenge to see changes.

  • The left Hippocampus is responsible for learning ability, ability to retain information.

  • The posterior cingulate cortex is responsible for the ability to control how your mind wanders.

  • Temporoparietal Junction is responsible for compassion, empathy.

  • Amygdala is responsible for fear, stress, anxiety, emotions, survival instincts.

For self-development, you don’t need to learn those terms. It is for making fact more science-based and proven.

  1. It reduces bad emotions: Stress, Depression, Anxiety. Meditation helps you to manage stress, decreasing the side effect of stress.

Little stress is good as it builds pressure on you and pushes you to cross your limit to achieve the goal.

  1. Helps you to overcome bad habits: Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex is responsible for will power. Meditation stimulates growth in this part of the brain.

  1. It helps to concentrate and focus. It increases the ability to focus.

  1. Extremely healthy: Meditation decreases the amount of C-Reactive Protein in the blood and drops in inflammation in the body decrease blood pressure.

Meditation protects the length of your telomeres and slows down Aging.

  1. It makes you happier. Meditation produces positive emotions.
How to meditate?

There are different types of meditation, so start with mindfulness or start to focus on breathing techniques to remain the focus. Learn from youtube. Usually, I prefer meditation songs to remain the focus.
Basic Technique for meditation:

Observe the feeling of air flowing through your nose.

Observe the transition between inhale and exhale.

Thought wonders when you meditate but take back your focus to observing the breath.
Where to meditate?

You can meditate anywhere while lying on the bed, sitting on the couch, etc. But the ideal way to meditate is to sit on the floor with a straight back, it will keep you awake.
What should be the position of your body?

Leg/Feet should be Criss-crossed or on top of each other.

Arms/Hands should rest on your thighs. Hands relaxed on top of each other can be cupped’

Head facing forward with Eyes closed recommended for beginner/easier to focus.
How long should I meditate?

Time becomes slow for the newcomers, they wonder about how much time left for the session every moment. Start with 5 minutes and aim for 10-20 minutes daily. 10 minutes is optimum.

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