How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs!


Sahak Hakoyan


In this blog post, I will talk about limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. Most of us have limiting beliefs towards almost everything. Some believe they can only accomplish something to a certain extent while others believe nothing is impossible. The reason a small group of individuals have no limiting beliefs holding them back is due to the awareness of it consciously.

I really believe in the power of the mind and manipulating your thoughts and perceptions (most of the time fake) to grasp a whole different form of idea. What am I talking about? Limiting beliefs are an example of perceptions we hold in our mind. Let’s take a common limiting beliefs people have. Money! Many people limit themselves to a certain financial thermostat and therefore they only make that much money in their lifetime.

While Bob believes he is only worth $50,000 a year, Bill believes he is worth $200,000 a year. Bob and Bill may be working out of the same company and selling the same product or service. They both have 24 hours in their days, and they are both healthy and fit for action. But their days go differently. Bob’s day consists of $50,000 a day activities, and Bill’s day consists of $200,000 a day activities.

Bob may have adopted a limiting belief from friends, parents, relatives. It is something he may not even realize consciously. But this particular limiting belief is holding him back from his ultimate potential. But Bill on the other hand, grew up reading personal development books, and came to the conclusion that he is in charge of setting his own financial thermostat.

How does Bob go about destroying his limiting belief? The first step is to be consciously aware of it. Accept the thought as being a part of you. The second step is to believe in the fact that nothing is impossible. Anything can be achieved because it has already been achieved by others.

This blog post will be fairly long because I have come to the conclusion in my years of indulging in personal development books, that the number one thing holding us back is limiting beliefs.

Like I mentioned in the previous paragraphs, limiting beliefs can come from friends, parents, relatives, and other sources such as movies, music, and even the media.

Back in 2011, I attended a seminar called millionaire mind intensive. This seminar was completely free of charge and it was my third time attending it. Although this time I had one thing in mind. At the end of the third day, the main speaker draws a ticket from a basket of how many people attended. This time it was around $700. My longing desire was to get a free ticket to fly out to New York for one week and attend their Warrior Camp. This course was worth $6000.

Guess who won in the end? I did. The week I had in that warrior camp changed my whole out look on life. I walked through fire and broke an arrow with my neck. These were just one of the few experiences I had. I came back as a new and different person.

What did I learn from my experience at warrior camp? I learned a lesson that changed my life. We all have something greater hidden inside us all. The only thing holding us back from our greatness is our limiting beliefs. I never imagined in my life that a human being can walk on a 30 feet fire and come out even better than before.


Samuel Rosario

Coaching Member
May 6, 2016
Wow Sahak that was powerful! I alwaready read it. I totally agree with you. Success is a state of mind that involves self-confidence. I totally believe that we must first put ourselves in the same state of mind of the millionaires and billionaires before getting there!. I've never liked the idea of being ''realistic'', the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford or Mark Zuckeberg were not being realistic when they applied their ideas.

By the way, I also got touched tremedously by the book The Alchemist and Jim Rohn and Grant Cardone are my mentors to, haha. Way to go Sahak!. Keep it up!