How To Make Good Plan For Life?


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Jun 8, 2018
Benjamin Franklin once said: ,,If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail"
I think it couldn´t be more true. It doesn´t matter what your Goal is in life. If you can´t make good, proper plan to reach this goal, there is big probability that you will fail.
For me, good planning should be:
1. Specific
2. Positive / negative

1. Specific planning
I believe you know that too...
You have a goal, You even know what should be done, to accomplish that,
but Yout Plan is not SPECIFIC.
You wake up every morning, and you don´t have a concept, you just don´t know what to do.
You feel Overwhelmed.
I experienced that all the time, until I found out that I have to set my smaller goals,
and make Specific plan for reaching that goals.

Proper planning may take you more time in the beginning, but it save you so much time of struggling, it may save you also a lots of money (depend what your goal is).

2. Positive/Negative planning
I think, that planning should be both, possitive and also negative.
If I have a vision, and making even specific plan, and in that plan there is also option of everything working out exactly like I want. You think for how much time is that plan valid?
I think it may (and for many time also will) be invalid in the beginning.
Air Force train their pilots to make plan for 3 different scenarios Before they take off.
  • Plan for best scenario,
  • for most likely scenario,
  • for worst scenario.
So they have plan for scenario that everything is great, for scenario that something goes wrong, and also for worst scenario, when almost nothing comes out.
I am sure that this planning saves a lots of lives of pilots. In our cases?
It could save our business, our relationships, our health or any goal we want to achieve.

Please tell me, how you plan in your life. What else you use in your planning, what could also help me improve my life. Share your opinion about my style of planning, and what I could improve.
Thanks for your insights.