How to kill the desire to eat unnecessarily.

Apr 26, 2019
I came up with an idea to keep myself from buying unnecessary snacks and eating more than I should. So far, it hasn’t fully kept my hands off of the chocolate, but I certainly haven’t been snacking and buying unnecessary food whenever I go to a store, which is a major improvement for me.

(By the way, the title of this is a little click baity. Sorry bout that. But, I thought this was an idea worth grabbing your attention for if you struggle with snacking. And, it may really prove to be the thing that kills that desire for you. Thats the hope.)

I’ve decided on attempting to eat for $150 or less each month. (Not including eating out, which I don’t want to impose a limit on, because eating out is a great way to connect with people and have fun. I know I have the will power to be reasonable when it comes to eating out, so I’m not worried about it right now.)
Aside from my base food money allowance, each day, I will have the opportunity to spend up to $20 on additional food. However, any of that which I don’t spend on food, will go into my savings account to be used towards a major purchase that will help to make one of my dreams a reality. In this case, that is buying the land that I want.
This makes me think about one of the consequences of buying snacks and unnecessary food anytime I have the thought of doing so. That being, the money spent unnecessarily on that takes away from what I could be using to accomplish my goals.
And, so far each time I successfully go without spending any money on extra food and can put that $20 towards something I care so much about and want so badly, I get a great dopamine rush.

I think this is something that could really help me get over my urges to eat more than I should. I would imagine that overtime, my mind will start to associate not eating snacks with the dopamine rush that I feel when I get to put that money in my savings towards something that’s meaningful to me.
And I thought it might help someone else, so I wanted to share it here.

What have you tried that has helped you quit snacking or reduce the amount that you eat?
May 18, 2019
Hey allthethoughts,

Good Luck I wish you all the best with this I feel you can succeed achieving your goals.

I haven't tired what you are suggesting but I could offer some support that's helped me and others I know.

1. Find the root cause of your desire to buy and eat snacks and food of that nature.

It is a trigger usually an emotional one which creates a repetitive habitual experience.

2. Remove the attachment to the negative cycle experience by doing some energy clearing.

3. Replace with something positive and focus on the positive.

Another way to say this is Identifying Your mental and emotional limitations when it come to snacking and replace them

This way you unlearn that which no longer serves you.

We all pick up bad habits or have beliefs which may no longer be true for us.

The problem most people have is that they don't know how to unlearn or remove them and stay within the same paradigm.

In order to paradigm shift consciously and often you must;

I) Safely find your negative triggers to snacking.

II) Associate your present negative trigger to snacking with past negative thoughts and feelings you have.

III) Neutralise the negative charge and remove them from the subconscious mind.

(There are many ways that have been taught to remove them most of the ones I know are very simple to do such as EFT- Emotional Freedom Technique).

IV) Replacing them with positive new thoughts, emotions affirmations, and beliefs of what you intend to achieve.

If you want here is a template you can use easily help you work with your trigger to snacking and work with it to overcome;

Negative Thoughts
Negative Feelings
Negative Emotions
Bad Habits
Stress from Negative Memories etc.

You can do it.