How to keep track of your blood sugar levels.


Nov 7, 2019
It is quite easy to find out what your blood sugar level is. Maybe you know of a family member who has high blood sugar levels and that is causing you to be concerned. Or you are just a healthy minded person who would rather know where you are with your blood sugar, I recommend buying a glucometer at your local pharmacy and start checking it yourself. You don't need a doctor's prescription to purchase it. If you are just curious, do a periodic check, normally your reading should be somewhere between 70 -110 depending upon the time of day. If you have a potential to developing diabetes depending upon you or your family's history, then you should check it more often. If your blood sugar is consistently higher than 110 you should consult a doctor. Most people wake up with a low blood sugar and it will stabilize after eating. As a health care professional, I frequently tell people to know your body yourself instead of waiting to find out from somebody else. With so many new yearly diagnosis of diabetes, I say prevention is better than cure. Keep track of you. Hope this was helpful. Stay the most healthy that you can.