How To Guarantee Your Next Job Interview!!!

Sep 21, 2018
Probably the most important part of landing a job is the interview. I've heard many say they didn't get the job because they failed the job interview, and/or they didn't hear from the company after the interview process, and maybe days or even a week or more passed before they'd receive a rejection letter in the mail.

If you or anyone you know have a job interview coming soon, I would like to share something that may help you to have a better chance at your possible next career.

Almost guarantee you will not be the only person applying for the job. There may be a few, or there may be hundreds. I've even heard of an application process to where there were a thousand or more lining up all day for a few days to apply for a position at a company.

So let's say that after the elimination process, you are now sitting in front of the interviewer after passing through many others in the waiting room, plus the many others waiting in line. What do you say to the interviewer that will convince him or her that you are the best candidate for the position you are applying for???

Here is what you do. Before you leave the interview you must do and say this! It is important that this happens before you leave the room because you only get one chance to impress this person that will decide your career, and possibly your fate in life.

Whether the interviewer asks this question or not, you need to convince her or him why he/she should hire you over the other applicants?

Say "Hire me because I CAN LEARN ANYTHING!!!" This will most definitely get their attention. And if or when asked, what makes you think you can learn anything? Your response is this... Because when I was a baby I did not know anything. I was just a blank canvas. But I Learned to crawl, I Learned to talk, I Learned to walk, I Learned to read, I Learned to write, I Learned to drive, I Learned the ABCs, I Learned to communicate and I LEARNED _____ (and fill in the blank).

"You see, my Greatest Skill is, I CAN LEARN ANYTHING!!! Everything I know and Everything that I am, I have Learned since I was born. And I will continue to Learn for the rest of my life. So hire me, give me the proper training and I promise you I will LEARN and be the best at my job!"

This concept has helped many people secure a job from their first interview. Try it!

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