How To Get A Job - 6 Unconventional Steps To Finding A Job | And One Little Secret


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May 15, 2018
In this video I want to teach you an unconventional 6 step approach to landing an awesome job with little competition. This approach can be used by anyone from college students to people the are currently unemployed or someone that wants to make a career transition.

We're taught that we should apply online for jobs that look like a good fit, but research shows that each job get's between 100-200+ applicants making it really hard to stand out from the crowd. So what can we do?

I went through some serious struggles looking for a job a few years ago. I applied to over 100 jobs and got ZERO calls. I spent a few months working out a different strategy, a strategy that flooded me with interviews and offers.

It's a method of uncovering the 80% of jobs that aren’t even listed and the best part is…..You may not even need to compete with anyone!

I hope this video can help anyone out there struggling to find a job.

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