How to do Personal development

Justin M

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Dec 23, 2019
I started my personal development journey in 1997. The first thing I did was read a lot of books. The first book I read was Feel the Fear and do it Anyway. It was an eye-opener for me.

I’ve read over 1000 self-help books in my lifetime. I can tell you from experience that reading self-help books will temporarily change the way you feel, but they won’t change who you are. To change yourself, you have to change your nervous system; you have to reprogram your entire being. Let’s say you have a negative emotion you want to remove.

You could try using the Emotion Code or body code program to do this. You will not permanently remove a lingering negative emotion by reading a self-improvement book; You have to engage your entire body to make changes in yourself. You have to change your physiology and personal beliefs to do this.

Some people think personal development is a waste of time or isn't even possible because it can't be measured.

I would work on yourself first.
  1. Eat clean, whole, healthy foods and drinks.
  2. Exercise daily, including weight-training.
  3. Set a consistent sleep schedule
  4. Move away from toxic relationships
  5. Do the Wim Hof breathing exercises to get your energy moving
  6. Practice emotional healing, have a look at the Emotion Code or something similar.
  7. Invest in personal growth courses and programs.
Good luck to you!
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