How to be a Money Magnet!


Sahak Hakoyan


Does money motivate you in your life? I am sure it does, because you wouldn’t be on this post anyhow. Money is something we all want. Each day when I wake up and go for my morning jog, I notice people hopping into their cars and driving off to work without knowing how to be a money magnet.

Once I am finished with my jogging, I come back home and get ready to go to work myself. The freeway is packed. The red light is put to work to stop cars from packing the freeway. Ninety nice percent of the people are awake to go to work. Why? because we have to make money.

Without money, our lives will be different. We will have no friends. Or if we do, they won’t be good friends. We will be worried and stressed all the time. You will lose all of your respect from friends and family. You can end up homeless.

Next time if you question “does money run the world?” You better bet it does. Money is the source of everything. The food you eat. The car you drive. The home you live in. You pay money in order to acquire this. Even relationships require money. Most divorces are due to financial problems and financial conflicts.

The first thing you need to do is become money conscious. Accept the fact that money is the source of everything. Accept the fact that everybody in this world works to make a living. Even millionaires and even billionaires. They wake up earlier than us and go to bed later than all of us.

These millionaires and billionaires are money conscious. They know that money runs the world. They know that without money, life is miserable. That is why they are committed to creating a life of success for themselves and their family. That is why they are money magnets.

How come there is a big financial gap between the middle class and the rich class? Why are the some people millionaires and we are working 9-5 because we have too. Well, you will find out the answer in this blog post.

You see, if I told you right now that most of the things you are doing in your life is wrong, you would probably get disappointed. But, you know deep inside that I am right. Other wise, you will become a millionaire in 3 years.

There are lots of bad habits holding you back. Maybe you hate working hard. Maybe you work hard, but you hate to learn. Maybe you have everything in place but you lack the consistency that is required. Find out what habits are holding you back. Write them on a piece of paper. Find out what you need to let go of.

You need to increase your standards. You can increase your standards by writing out what you want to let go of in your life and what are some new things you are committed to.

For example, here is a list of things I let go of:

  • No more spending time on my cellphone for hours and avoiding sleep.
  • No more waking up late in the morning.
  • No more avoiding exercise.
Here are the replacements I brought in:

  • Wake up at 6 and go for a 15 minute run.
  • Sleep early to wake up at 6.
  • Consistent schedule follow through.
As you can see, in order for me to become a “money magnet”, I need to build the “magnet” by following my standards. In other words, my new habits.

Habits are the foundation for financial success and attracting money. Without the right set of habits, you will feel lost and end up where you always ended up. If you change one bad habit and don’t change the other bad habits, nothing will change. It’s like you will be moving forward but something strong will be pulling you back.

What is pulling you back? Find out and execute that habit once and for all. Put an end to it.

People have a habit of falling back into their old habits once they change them. This is due to the neuron pathway that you have created from indulging into that certain behavior one too many times. That is why changing a habit requires some time. Statistically, a habit to be completely changed requires at least 1-2 months.

Next time if you want to grab the remote and become a couch potato, force yourself not to. You will increase you self-esteem and confidence from inside knowing that you committed to what you said you will do. Each time you don’t commit to what you say you are going to do, you lower your self-esteem and confidence.

An example I like to give is of the rich. When you read their stories and business ventures, you become motivated and pumped up by these people strength and courage to keep moving forward. They are relentless individuals. That’s why they have high self-esteem and high self-confidence. They have reached their goals before, and they know that they can reach it again.

Chapter 2:

Becoming a money magnet does not mean you sit around and checks flow into your mailbox. The metaphor is simple. Create a magnet that will bring money to you. Find a vehicle, create a business from the ground up, and watch the money come in. That is the definition of a money magnet.

In this chapter, I will cover massive action and discipline. Without massive action in your business venture, you will not get massive results. You have 24 hours in a day. The way you use that time will determine your success financially. Donald Trump sleeps only 4 hours a day and wakes up at 4:00 am. He knows the importance of time and the importance of massive action. He doesn’t get one or two things done. He gets many things done throughout his time. That is why the guy is a billionaire. He has learned the art of massive action and adopted the mindset of “creating work.”

Creating work is a mindset of always looking for things to do in your business that will drive it forward. For example, if you own a body shop, you can create work by printing out flyers and passing 100 out every day. You can create work by calling 100 of your circle of influence and telling them about your body shop. If you have a creating work mindset, you will have more opportunities to generate more revenue.

Individuals who are considered “money magnet” did not adapt the definition by being lucky and having a special power in them that attracts them money. Those people we call lucky are actually people who take massive action and are disciplined.

Discipline is a habit you can adopt. Discipline requires a conscious decision to not back down no matter the circumstance and the emotion you may be feeling at that time. Are you disciplined? Do you find yourself quitting during times or temptation and bad circumstances?

If so, here is what I suggest. Accept the fact that you are having a hard time controlling your emotions. Emotions are the root cause of failing to be disciplined. Emotions will get the best of us sometimes. But don’t forget that you have a conscious mind. With that conscious mind of yours, you can control how you are feeling at every given moment and also control what action you can take.

For my real estate business, which I am committed to most of my day, I need to keep myself disciplined all of the time. For example, I need to wake up early at 6 every morning to go for my 15 minute run. Than I have to go to work at 7 until 5 or 6 pm. Sometimes I hate to wake up. I feel like hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep. The thought of me running for 15 minute just makes me hate that particular hour of the day.

But guess what? I accept the fact that it is just an emotion. I accept the fact that I have a conscious brain and with my conscious brain I can make a decision to get up and do it no matter the emotion I am feeling.

“I am the master of my fate. The captain of my soul.” You direct how your life will be.


Samuel Rosario

Coaching Member
May 6, 2016
Money is gonna come to you when you follow and learn the rules of money. I also learnt from Jim Rohn that money does not far exceed Personal Development. ''Unless you grow how you are, you'll always have what you got'' . It is why we have to get ready to attract money. Money won't stay on the hands of people who are not ready to receive them.

Jean Paul Getty once said: ''If we took all the money in the world, divided it equally among everybody, in 5 years it will be back in the same pockets''
Jul 7, 2016
I think you can "train" the universe to send you more money if you start receiving gifts. Allow yourself to receive without giving anything back. Love yourself. Do that and the universe will send you everything you need.