How do you set your goals and stick to them?


Jul 31, 2020
Hello. My name is Marina and I am new member of the forum. I am excited to share with you and also learn about your thoughts on goals.

I trully believe that having vision for our life is really important. I think it's vital to have clarity on what we want to be, do and have in our lfie and work on it until we succeed. Goals give us clarity. And when we accomplish our goals we feel happy, joyfoul, successful and peaceful.

Goals gives us direction in life and by having them we focus on what's meaningfull to us and what will make positive difference in our life. I also think that it's really important that we know how to set goals effectively so we can ensure that we are working towards what we really want and that we are engaging our efforts fully.

Recently, I wrote an article that outlines the steps I believe we need to take to set goals effectively and actually achieve them. I wrote this goal setting guide to share what worked for me and what helps me to achieve both my short and long-term goals. I also share what I do to stick to my goals when it's hard.

I would love to know if you set goals for yourself? Do you set goals in every key area of your life or you focus more on some area/s?

Have a great day :)