How Do You Schedule Your Day?


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Jun 8, 2018
I would like to ask you a 3 questions about managing your time:

  1. How do you schedule your day?
  2. How do you decide, what you will do each day,which task is more important?
  3. How are you finding balance between your health, work, and relatinoships?

- I myself like to do health, work and relationship in this exact order.

Of course, sometimes there are exceptions, but I am trying to do it this way.

Mr. Yusuf

Oct 4, 2018
You asked a good question that was direct and to the point.

1) I don't like scheduling. Any time I plan out my day hour by hour it just fails. I don't think you can accurately predict how long something will take. For example, I usually have a goal of reading about 50 pages a day and this sometimes takes 45 mins other times it takes an hour and half or longer.

I have narrowed down the variation to a couple of things.
  • How much thinking do I have to do about the book?
  • How big is the font?
  • How distracted am I?
  • How fatigued is my mind?
  • Do I have something that I should be doing but am not?
Depending on how I answer the above question determines whether or not I read slow or fast. The point I am trying to make is that in all the important activities that you write down. Sometimes you will get them done faster other days you will need more time. I almost forget about all the random things that just have habit of showing up. They are like unwanted pregnancies.

Instead what I do is I give myself objectives for the day. Usually around 5 big hard meaty goals to accomplish in that particular day. Sometimes it is four work related goals and one that is something else like health/personal growth/skill development or something of the like.

2) I choose to do the hardest thing first. I truly believe that willpower is finite and that in the morning you are the most productive. Those first few hours are sweeter than the juices contained in a mango. Among my five objectives there's usually one I really enjoy doing and another that I just don't like but I know I need to do. That is the one in which I dedicate the hours before breakfast too. After I finish it I usually reward myself with a guilty pleasure.

On a side note most of the tasks I do are all critical to progression. If I don't do them I don't progress so I do them.

3) I agree with your ordering. Work will never ever beat health. Without health you have nothing. I honestly don't think you can have a balance. I believe that you can have two but not three.

You can have work + health at the expense of your relationships. If you truly love your work you are working long hours. Most of the time that suffocates relationships. The only way I have seen it work is if you integrate the relationship into the work. Which means you have to find someway for you to get paid to be tending to your loved ones.

Health + Relationships. I mean the only sacrifice you make here is that you wouldn't progress fast. Their is a lack of ambition here. If you are here that means that your not competitive because you are being outworked by the competition.

Health + Work. I mean you have to be a certain type of person to enjoy this. I think this is a phase more than anything else and to reach this stage you have to sacrifice a lot. The only problem is that this combo is cancer. Eventually you will wake up one day in a cold sweat and realize that something is dreadfully wrong. You will have a mini life crisis and to your dismay you will discover the tumour. A whole in yourself that demands meaning, fulfillment and all the other things that the feely side of your mind needs.

You can suppress it and have some peace until it flares up again or cut it off at the root by radically changing your life and sacrificing your work life.


Dec 27, 2018
I focus on routines now over lists. Every day I have a business routine, fitness routine ect. ect. I find this to be the most effective method because if I have 10 things to do in relation to business but my routine only allows 2 hours then I must prioritize the top 3 or 4 things and the rest will wait for tomorrow's routine.

Most of the time the bottom 3-4 items don't matter enough to make it on the next day's routine which saves me time and when I have multiple routines that are aligned with my goals I can't but help accomplish them.


Dec 19, 2018
Wuppertal, Germany
I have certain plans for my day and I always plan about what I want to do in the next months.
For me, having a plan is better to get me focus on what I do and it helps me to achieve better results.

I will start my day doing the most important task and then following with the less important ones.
As the day goes by, our concentration and energy begin to decrease, so that it's good to do it this way.

As health is the most important aspect in our life and it creates the base of everything, I'll put it in the front as I have my workout routine every morning; starts the day with a clear mind!
Relationship is important too whether it is with your partner, friends or family.