How can i increase my confidence?


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May 28, 2011
California, USA
Sometimes you have to just force yourself into uncomfortable situations until you get used to them, and let it be ok to not do great while you're learning. Public speaking is that way for example and I've had many other such situations in your life. Most skills are something you gain simply by doing it again and again and carefully watching people who are successful at it, and if needed, ask them for tips.

Something that has also helped me is when I feel nervous about something, I tell myself it's excitement. Nervousness and excitement are very similar feelings and if you think of it as excitement, it's a more positive attitude.

Also remember that many people you are around are very insecure too but just hide it. It's one thing it took me many years to realize but I think it's really true. The trick is to play on that, compliment people, ask them questions, listen to them, find things interesting about them. It puts them at ease and usually makes them like you. Just don't be deceptive about it, learn to truly become interested in other people, see the good in everyone. Don't even talk about yourself unless they ask. It will often make them really like you, which in turn can build confidence. You just have to beware your ego, wanting to talk about yourself too much is a good way to make people avoid you or dislike you. Trying to impress people rarely works.


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Aug 2, 2016
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To feel confident you should keep a tight rein on your behaviour. If you control your deeds and emotions - you're a confident person, if not - you need help. You can surf through the internet in search of some training for your brains. Good luck!;)


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Jul 30, 2016
Your confidence can be improved just by faking it till you make it.

Improving your confidence can easily happen if you just something we all have and that is COURAGE.

Once you learn how to start being comfortable with being uncomfortable, the world is a playground.

Put yourself into situations where you are forced to face your fears..

It sounds as if you are insecure, have anxiety and fear, and especially fear of judgement.

You must understand that you, I, and every one else living are made the same way.

We function the same way.

We all s**t, bleed, and fear all the same way. The thought of that can enable you to change your perspective. (pardon language)

Think and Visualize yourself as the person who you always wanted to be.

Act on those thoughts...

Like I said, Fake it till you Make it!

You are that person who is confident at work, with friends, and everyone.

You have no worries because you are living.

Realize that the moment you believe that you aren't confident that is when you aren't confident.

Just fake it until you make it.

You are confident.

Wishing you success man!


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May 6, 2016
It's a great question. You must fill your mind with positive messages every single day. Read positive books. Listen to motivational speakers like Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins instead of listening to the news in the morning. When you fill your mind with edifying messages, you're gonna elevate your self-image and self-awareness. Remember, your results in life will never surpass the image you have of yourself. Always keep that in mind!!