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Imad Guemmah

New Member
Jun 22, 2016
Chaouen, Chefchaouen
Hello, my name is Imad Guemmah and iGuemmah is my website.

I’m a professional copywriter, translator, published journalist and editor.

Let’s cut to the chase! Some quick facts about me:

  • Published journalist in CrowdH News Agency since 2015.
  • Freelance web copywriter since 2013.
  • Academic writer since 2010.
  • Master in Culture and Linguistics (MCL)
  • BA in English Literary Studies
  • Worked with 4 major companies from different
    countries on 3 continents.
  • Home is Chaouen, Morocco, but I take my laptop and happily work from anywhere I happen to be at any time.
Over the years, I’ve produced and written quality content for a large variety of reputable businesses, as well as news, travel, gaming, health and fitness websites from different countries.

They include CrowdH News agency, Peek&Co company, Mr. Century City motivational website, and a large number of leadership coaches and public figures.

Drawing on my international background, I can just as easily write your web content in American English as in British English, or a neutral kind of ‘flat English’ that is understood by anyone.

I continuously work on forging my skills and keeping my knowledge up to date by following inspiring leaders in the world of writing and through research, newsletters and courses. Contact Me.