Giving free INTENSE TAROT readings in exchange for specific feedback etc


Nov 14, 2018
Hello nice to meet you, my name is Intense Tarot. ✨

I am a psychic & self help junkie.

I consider myself to have been psychic since I was born and have been obsessed with self-improvement for the past decade or so.

I have just started to sell e-mail Tarot card readings. I have a passion for delivering candid, in-depth & empowering email readings with an impact that focus on self improvement instead of answering questions or giving predictions, though I also accept that some people just want one of my readings for entertainment and don’t take it too seriously which is fine too.

I am looking for some specific feedback to improve my business & readings and am currently offering an exciting opportunity for people I consider to be in my target demographic to receive free Intense Tarot readings for a limited time only in exchange for some very specific feedback, testimonials and example readings.

An INTENSE TAROT reading is sent as a PDF document to my clients e-mail address and consists of the following:

✨Pretty/cool photo of the 1 card Tarot reading & usually a crystal or two or occasionally my crystal ball.

✨A description of the Tarot card, it’s themes, associations & how I feel they relate to your current situation.

✨My intuitive interpretation of the card for you which also includes any psychic impressions I get as I connect to your energy (can include visions, messages from spirits, guides, smells, feelings etc).

✨A summary based on the more traditional interpretation of this specific Tarot card.

✨A list of things to watch out for, questions to ask yourself for self discovery & some suggestions to help you improve your situation.

✨An affirmation created to help you navigate the energy of your situation.

I am willing to exchange 1 free INTENSE TAROT reading per person for 1 or all (it’s your choice) of the following:

✨Completion of my INTENSE TAROT feedback survey about your reading, & my official website. I will e-mail you the survey.

✨A Testimonial or review to be posted publicly on my website, social media channels & any other informational promotional material.

✨The right to use your INTENSE TAROT reading as an Example reading for people to look at on my website, social media channels & any other informational promotional material.

✨A review with something positive about INTENSE TAROT/or promoting INTENSE TAROT on your blog/magazine/social media etc.

If you choose to take part then I need the feedback exchange you choose to be provided as soon as possible & no later than 1 week from receiving your reading. Remember you only have to choose 1 feedback method but you can give more than 1 or all only if you want to. I put love, energy & precious time into giving readings & I am a busy lady so If you don’t give me an exchange by then I will have to consider it a theft & blacklist your e-mail & never provide you with a reading again.

Please note that Testimonials, reviews, & Example readings do not have to be posted under your real name, you can give me a fake name or pseudonym or abbreviation etc to protect your privacy etc. The important thing is I know you are real people who tried a reading and found something helpful or entertaining about it.

If you would like to take part then please let me know here and then I would like you to visit my website: also linked in my signature or just google Intense Tarot to click the link in my Twitter bio.

Please read through all of the web pages & pre-order a reading by filling in the form on the Pre-Orders page & adding “FREE TEST READING” to the message box.

Within 24 hours I shall send you an E-CONTRACT for legal reasons to confirm stuff like you are an adult & understand that tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only & it’s not illegal in your country etc to your email to sign like I do my paying clients but I won’t invoice you, because this is a free test reading once the contract is signed I will get on with your reading & send it to you within 24 hours.

Anyone who is an adult, of sound mind & can read/fully understand English is welcome to take part but I would prefer people from my target demographic, those who I feel can get the most out of an INTENSE TAROT reading which I consider to be the following:

✨Age 20-50. Because they need to be mature enough to handle it but also should be young, active & more likely to be interested in internet readings.

✨Middle class or wealthy/comfortable enough to have experience using luxury products/services (I consider Psychic & Tarot readings to be a luxury as it’s nice to have but no-one needs them & shouldn’t be wasting money on them if they are struggling.)

✨People with an interest in self improvement, has an enthusiastic attitude to life who are pro-active & like to take responsibility for their own lives.

✨Preferably not a professional psychic or Tarot reader themselves as I have already had a lot of feedback/swapped readings with other psychics etc and feel I have gained all I can from this & need to learn more from my actual target audience etc.

✨All genders welcome but I need in particular a few more career/vocation oriented/busy females & some males as all of my clients so far have been female.

If you have any questions please just ask me.

Thank you & I look forward to hopefully doing readings for some of you on here ✨