Get Rid Of Fear (One Simple Tip)


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Jun 8, 2018
What is fear?
Fear is just formed reaction, bad habit, which sucks life from your body.
Key for beating fear, is understanding, that Fear isn´t real. We create fear, and also We are the ones, who destroy fear.
The best way to conquer fear?
Do, what you fear the most.
Imagine, what you fear the most, it could be starting your business, or speaking in front of crowd, literally anything.
And then, Do it.
I myself feared starting my own business. I procrastinate, I made excuses all the time.
But once I got up in the morning, and said myself, Enough. Today is the day, I will do whatever it takes!
And once I start my business, I sit and think, Why was I affraid? And I didn´t have answer for that.
You can´t be fear of something, when you don´t try it.
Try it for yourself, whatever it is you fear the most, close your eyes and do it, when it´s something like fear of speaking on stage, go and do it 10 times, and suddenly, you ill find out, there is nothing to be affraid of.
Always on the other side of your fear, is greatness and your Dream Life.

Which type of F.E.A.R. belongs to you?

1. F. E. A. R. - Forget Everything And Run
2. F. E. A. R. - Face Everything And Rise