Free belief-transforming sessions to overcome problems.

Aug 3, 2016
Good evening.

I'm a person who's spent the last 6 years working on a project which is about developing a method for getting oneself unstuck, overcoming personal obstacles, barriers, limitations and such. I'm on the last stages of finishing it (probably 0.1% to go), and at this point it's showing overwhelmingly positive results. I believe this kinda post doesn't break the rules, as I'm not trying to sell you anything, but forgive me if it does, I'll just show myself out if that's the case. I'm looking to talk to lots of people with lots of different problems to test it on, with the intention of refining any last-minute subtleties.

If there are any barriers in your life you'd like to overcome...
If you have any obstacles or limitations...
If there's a fear, an insecurity, a bad habit, or an emotional block you'd like to get rid of...
If there's something you'd like to see come about that somehow hasn't happened yet...
If there's a goal you want to achieve but haven't...
If there's something you've always liked to do but somehow haven't got around to it...

...then this is for you. Call me and I'll help you change your beliefs and consequently solve any problem of virtually any kind.

This intervention consists of a simple dialogue where you and I talk one-on-one over a voice call (no cam needed), and by asking you a series of logical and straightforward questions, you end up changing your limiting beliefs, which changes the reality you live in, which changes your behavior and the way you are, which opens new possibilities in your life, which changes everything.

I've learned from great teachers and I've figured out an awful lot on my own. I know many of you are skeptical but I have no time to defend the effectiveness of this, I'd rather you call me and try it for yourself. The average length of a session goes from 30 minutes to an hour.

This is completely free of charge.

My e-mail address is and with it you can find me on Google Hangouts or Skype. As long as this post exists, you're welcome to contact me. I hope to talk to many of you.