Flowers spread perfumes even more when they become exposed to a smashing power


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Oct 5, 2015
Hi all,

I hope you all feel safe and healthy. Though the world is now facing difficult times due to this new virus, I think these times are the greatest teachers to us in many ways.

They say that this health problem have separated the peoples of the world from each other. However, in my opinion, I think it makes all people around the world much closer to each other.
Personal issues and feelings had become smaller in front of this big problem the whole world faces. So, every person in the world nowadays shares the rest of the human kind the same feelings. They share them the worry about the loved ones, happiness for the recovery of those who recovered, sadness for those who passed away, and hope in a better healthier tomorrow.

Day after day, we hear about the persons who work very hard to save us due to the nature of their jobs, and about those who volunteer to help others without any motive but their sense of kindness.

Those persons are working under very strong stress that could form a smashing power not just to the physical status but to the will and the mental status which, in my opinion, is the greatest danger. However, they do not give up. Instead, they are acting like flowers that spread perfumes even more when they become exposed to a smashing power.

By their this lovely act, they are holding onto hope and I think we all should do the same. We should not give up and if we can not act with such heroism, at least, we should not destroy what they build. We should stay home doing the right procedures of health and safety to lighten their burden and support what they do.

I believe that Allah supports people when they work together in a group for the goodness of the mankind. So, I think as long as there is humanity, kindness and co-operation between the human kind, there is hope and we can overcome this by Allah willing.

When I wrote this, I was confused whether to put it under personal development forum or the health one. I am so inspired by the selfish-less act of those wonderful persons, and I think inspiration could be the greatest motivator for a person to take a step on the road of personal development. So, I decided to put it herein.

May Allah bless you all and your loved ones.
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