Jillian Arena

New Member
Apr 15, 2017
Hi Everybody,

My name is Jillian Arena. I am a Certified Life Coach and RYT-200. I'm super excited to have joined the discussion and hope that I can use my own past and knowledge to help other people find the best version of themselves. What led me to becoming a coach was honestly a series of crappy life circumstances that unfolded one after another, until I was forced to understand that I was the common denominator at the root of all of the happenings. This realization has legitimately turned my life around and allowed me to find the gift in all of the cards which I have previously been dealt. It has led me to an entire new way of thinking and looking at life and it has been the most freeing journey I have ever been lucky enough to experience. I now work to teach others how to experience that same freedom and joy and it's the most kick-ass job I could ever ask for. I specialize in working with people who are feeling stuck and sick of the unhelpful patterns that keep showing up in their lives, spiritual coaching, coaching through trauma, and empowerment coaching. When we learn to stand in our own bigness, the walls and limitations fall away and we can truly become the best and biggest versions of ourselves. Please feel free to hit me up if you need a little direction or guidance or have a question I might be able to answer. I am an open book and happy to share what I've learned on my own journey so far. Together we can "Ignite Your Light, Change Your Life". Namaste.