Coaching Member
Oct 8, 2015
Norwich, UK
Something beyond vision not seen with our naked eye,
It can’t be seen with the most powerful Microscope,
This thing that I speak of, where exactly does it lie?

It believes in your separateness and how special you think you are,
It defines it’s self with flashy clothes, material things, fancy jewels or expensive cars.

It’s always reaching out for something like a child lost and meek,
causing you to think at times,
you better say something, you don’t want to appear weak.

Loving to start arguments and proving it’s the best,
choosing being right all the time and puffing out it’s chest.

It doesn’t care who it hurts it just want to get its way,
it fights with the part of you that’s seeking peace,
from the start to the finish of each day.

It’s never really listening to anything other than its self,
every conversation another opportunity to boast about talent or wealth.

But it’s scared to be exposed this thing, to survive it learned to deceive,
it survives though a series of paradigms and the intricate story it weaves.

It shows no mercy, its self-indulgent and would strike its fellow man,
it’s always trying to start a fight or hatch some master plan.

It won’t bring you happiness no matter how much you think it will,
it does this through saturation and enhancement of what you feel.

The thing I speak of is the EGO, some people refer to as edging GOD out,
the part of us that doesn’t want to look bad, wants to argue screams and shouts,
the part of us that feels the fear, the part of us that doubts,
The part that doesn’t want to question things or see what it’s all about,
it makes us think it’s the best ride, this magical roundabout,
it can sometimes be a Rubik’s cube, hard to figure out.