Drift Wood Love


Coaching Member
Oct 8, 2015
Norwich, UK
If I was a boat I’ve hit the rocks and I’m at the point of sinking,
I can’t bear to be set adrift and with that I get to thinking,
If I had a life jacket or something to console me,
Someone who loved me back, someone just to hold me,
It’s funny how things work with this path that seems so long,
One minute you think you have it and the next it’s got up and gone,
But was it really love? I don’t know, they say that love is blind,
Lots of people seek it, but not so many find.
What is love? Is it just a thought or an expression of how we feel?
How can you tell when you have love? How do you know it's real?
Lust and love can be so easy to confuse,
Think about it too much it’ll leave you quite bemused,

We all have different views........

To me it’s like a knowing that you’ve got someone, who won’t just walk away,
Who makes you feel complete and lights the darkest day,
Who holds you close when life gets tough, and tells you it’ll be alright,
Who rides it out when smooth gets rough, just by holding you tight.