Jul 6, 2016
My name is Julio and this is my 3rd video from my YouTube channel. I am very into personal growth and development which is what my channel and videos focus on.

Here's a bit about this one!

I've learned and studied the benefits of doing more than what I've been paid for or what's been expected of me and I've reaped those benefits! When most of us wake up to go to work we think about doing the bare minimums to get through our day. We hope and wish for more money or advancement but don't show the initiative. I'll admit this used to be me. But then something changed. I started studying more and learning more about getting more out of life! If you want more out of your job, your relationships or just out of life, you have to put more effort in than what you expect in return. It may seem difficult at first, but from my experiences, the benefits are amazing! The things you've "wished" for will make themselves available to you and you'll see all the opportunities you've ever wanted. Hope you enjoy the video, please comment, share, and have an awesome day!