Do You Really Know What You Want?

Sep 13, 2019
Do you feel lost or feel like you are in a rut? Do you wonder where you are heading in life? Maybe it’s because you don't know what you truly want and can't seem to figure it out. You only know what you are “supposed” to want according to the norm. Unfortunately, what you are supposed to want doesn't motivate you in the least. You know that if you knew what it is you truly desire in life, you would be able to take the right steps towards being in a better place than you are right now.

If you can relate to the last paragraph then the first step is to look about and find what you like or what intrigues you. knowing what you desire happens after you notice what you like, or find interesting. What you are drawn to and what you find attractive is how you find yourself. Only you can like what you like, how you like it. This is your rhythm, and through your rhythm is how you will achieve harmony. That rhythm is your frequency that makes you perfectly you. Think about it like food. Fish tastes like fish to all of us, but not everyone likes the taste of fish.

That being said, let's mentally go to the beach on a sunny afternoon. Let's imagine we are watching everyone enjoy the beach. We are looking at everyone enjoy their day how they want to enjoy it. We are looking to observe everyone and figure out which person or people appeal to you by what they are doing. As we look about we may notice:

The person who is surfing. The person who is kayaking. The person who is windsurfing. The person who is boogie boarding. The person who is skim-boarding. The person who is riding a jet-ski. The person who is walking their dog. The person who is playing Frisbee with their dog. The person who is driving a convertible by the beach. The person who is riding a motorcycle on the road, parallel to the ocean. The person who is hanging from a para-glider, cruising in the air, being pulled by a boat. The person who is riding the boat, pulling the para-glider. The person who is water skiing. The person who is flying a kite. The people who are throwing a flying disc to each other. The people who are making sandcastles. The people who are riding bicycles on the compact sand. The people who are riding bicycles along the boardwalk. The people who are fishing off the docks. The people who are sunbathing. The people who are driving a rented dune buggy. The people who are riding a rented four-wheel ATV on the beach. The people who are drinking at the Tiki-bar. The people who are eating ice cream on the sand, under an umbrella. The people who are eating watermelon under the umbrella. The people who are playing volleyball. The people who are skateboarding. The people with seagulls on their heads and arms as they feed them bread. The people on the boardwalk rides. The people who are roller-skating on the boardwalk. The people who are walking on the boardwalk while enjoying the scenery. The people who are checking out the shops and souvenirs. The people who are flirting with other people. The people who are lovers making out. The people who are lovers doing anything listed above. The people who are friends or family doing anything above.

Maybe you like the beach at night while watching a bonfire in the sand with those whom you are close to. Perhaps you like roasting marshmallows, or passing a bottle of whiskey around, or maybe both. You can also stroll on the beach and do some of the observations above at night. Instead of sunbathing you can stargaze, and if you look out far enough, you might see the lights from a cruise ship you want to be on. Maybe a clothing-optional beach is what you like and want to do some of the above in the nude. I think you get the point. I'm sure most of you will think of things I left out because so much can happen at the moment. So much is happening, but you can't do all of it at once. However, you can vibe with it in your own unique way and thus be a part of it all.

You will always be drawn to what will make you feel whole. What you pursue to do in those split seconds of what seems like chaos, as everyone goes about their way, will make you a part of the overall “whole” experience. What you do is your print, your gravity, your expression, your purpose, and your destiny.

So for a quick recap, if it stands out from all the rest of whatever you may be looking at, then it has a lot to do with who you are and where you belong in life. Only pick out the factors you like. From there you can tweak them to suit your unique resonance. You were born with amnesia but can find yourself through your interests and what appeals to you.

You were created to want what you want, naturally. Because of this, you must allow your true nature to be alive without your self-imposed scrutiny. Point being, it’s best you avoid focusing on what you “should” want because many people like it and seem to be happy doing it. Only stay where you are inspired, and that's it. In other words, navigate by following your heart and not your head. Being drawn to a specific sequence that only you could be attracted to is what comes from your spirit which is translated by your heart. It is the brain that makes the desires of the heart come true if they stay out of a conflict with each other.

To avoid inner conflict from occurring, you should avoid compromising with your instincts (your nature). For example, if someone looks really good in a particular fashion, that you are drawn to, that doesn't look so great on you, then don't force it. Modify it to suit your own preferred style. Don't copy everything verbatim, and remember it's normal to feel uncomfortable when trying something different. You may have to steer away from the norm to find your place. However, don't let that discomfort stop you if it still feels right to try out whatever it is you wish to explore. If you feel guilty, then realize that this is an inner conflict between your head and heart, and as always you must side with your heart if you ever wish to have a lifestyle you are proud to call your own. When trying something new, you must give it a chance. Give whatever it is you are trying at least ten attempts before you decide to move on to something different. You might have to grow into it or vice versa.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~