Do You Prefer E-books over Books?

Jan 17, 2017
I'd probably have to say I prefer real books, just to give you an answer. It's REALLY hard to say though! They both have their pros and cons. I do like the feeling of being able to read wherever I'm at on a tablet or phone etc, and I don' t have to worry about any sort of storage. At the moment I would have to say one of my favorite authors of all time is Paulo Coelho, his book "The Alchemist" really was one of the first Eye-Openers I ever had, when it came to self development.

Mick IOM

Coaching Member
Mar 15, 2018
I prefer physical books over eBooks.

That being said, eBooks has its place if you're traveling a lot and you don't want to carry a bunch of books with you. Or maybe you want to lay at the beach in which case holding a whole book can be a little bit unhandy.

So I prefer paper books for making notes and the more practical side of things. When we're talking about convenience I can see why I would use an e-reader from time to time.

Although in those cases I might as well be listening to audiobooks ;)

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