Did you always want kids?

John Beck.

New Member
Dec 4, 2013
Were you the type that always knew you would have kids at some point?

Or did you not want kids at all and decided to have them later on?

If you were the latter, do you wish you hadn't had kids after all?

I know, lots of questions, but I was having this conversation with a friend whose boyfriend really wants kids and she doesn't at all. They're still young and have time to decide, but she's starting to hope that if she does decide to have one, all the mommy hormones will kick in and she'll automatically love them, care for them, etc.

Having kids was definetlly not on my wish list, and to be honest was something I would have avoided, luckily my wife had a strong maternal instinct and we now are fortunate to have a son. The moment he was born my paternal instinct took over and I think now about how much better life is with him, and all the wonderfull happy times that would not have happened had we not had him, yet had it been left up to me that is how it would have been and our lives would not be as rich as they are today.