Did having kids improve your life?


Jan 20, 2016
Resounding yes for me. While I had a great life before kids. And we had the freedom to do a lot of things, there is nothing in the world that would ever convince me I'd have a fuller life without my kids. Some of it is definitely my personality. Even from a young age I've always enjoyed taking care of children and connecting with them. And from high school up, I was always the person among my friends who was continually taking care of everyone else, so I was naturally born to be a caretaker and a mother. Besides not having the freedom to just up and do what I want (and not as much available financial freedom either) I will say the only really big drawback has been the changes in my relationship with my husband. We still love each other and support each other, but since my time is now split between three individuals (and taking care of myself) instead of just one other individual, it does at time cause strains and miscommunication that was not previously there (and again, since my personality is one of caring for people, his needs were taken care of to the nth degree previously). BUT, we are finding a rhythm and synergy to make it all work.