Could you use more Spiritual Guidance?

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
I ‘m sure this applies to all humans, but I haven’t talk to every human. When we read to our self we hear the words in our head. An honest and mindful look at self proves we have a voice inside or our mind.

What’s amazingly crazy is we mostly ignore this voice as the wisdom it can be and wait for a more profound James Earl Jones sounding voice to pop up one day and give us direction.

Once you make peace with the current voice you’ll discover it is the guidance you seek you just haven’t been on the same page.

Look, I could give you great directions on how to drive to the west coast however if my directions start in the south and you are starting in the north things won’t mesh.

The same applies to our guidance we have to start where it is in order to get accurate directions.

So where is it? It sits and waits at the moment of your accomplishment. You need to start your journey with the end in mind. This is what spiritual teachings saying you must BE DO HAVE are pointing to.

Be your goal internally and follow the guidance voice you have made into a best friend. Before taking the two steps of making peace and starting wit the end in mind no information will be completely accurate instead you will be guided to the next test that allows you to become the person who receives the type of results you seek.