Could Questions Be limiting your Success? (Not What You Think)

J E Roberson

Senior Advisor
Jun 9, 2014
Colorado USA
I use to think questions were the key to moving us forward, you've heard that right? Ask yourself power questions to get powerful answers.

I agree instead of asking "why me" in a circumstance you may want to ask a more empowering question such as "what is my next best move." That's all good except its easy to look around and see questions might actually be limited you life without you even knowing it.

Question are the minds attempt to stay active and alive, from the minds perspective not thinking is to die. This is why the mind fights tooth and nails to stay active when you want to meditate and sometimes when you just want to rest or sleep. Would you just sit and smile if you couldn't breath?

Questions are the minds way of staying relevant when you have a goal or dream. You may say I want to make more money in 2015. Here comes the mind with its 2 sense saying "how will you do that?"

This is the subtle difference that will liberate you, once you are able to realize you are not your thoughts (many tools to get there) you can start to gently remove the importance of questions not related to the next step in your journey.

Most of us are uncomfortable with not knowing and so is the mind, thus it starts to map out the path to our goals start to finish. Even if the finish may be years away e.g getting a degree. While we sit in a chair the mind fly's into the future distracting you from the present and thus staying alive 1 more moment.

The solution: there are many ways to empower ourselves to greater limits, 1 I will share is limiting the mental question and answer session to only the very next step.

In my earlier example of someone wanting to get a degree instead of how will I find time to study or how will I find a job when I finish. You may want to focus on questions like what school should I attend where do I find the applications.

In short the closer questions are to the actually action you can take at that moment the more empowering they will be and the less distracting and encourage you'll feel.

to being the hero of out story,

J.E Roberson