Dreek Lass

Apr 17, 2013
So I spelled the world colour in both the American way and the English way, because I am from the UK, and you have got to stay true to who you are lol :p

But I want to talk about colour. We know that colours are vibrating at a certain frequency, and that is what makes that colour that colour, if that makes any sense? Well spiritual teachers will say that those colours and the vibration of them can negatively or positively effect our mood, according to where we are on the emotional scale at that time. So yellow, is know for joy and personal power. It corresponds with your Solar Plexus Chakra, and it has been said to uplift.

or if one chakra is over active then you would use it's opposite color to calm that chakra down.

Or if you wanted to become grounded, then you would get red slippers.

I once went on a color therapy course, and it was amazing. My experience was great, but I would like to heat of others. Has anybody else ever experienced upliftment from colours?