Cedar Creek Muse


May 15, 2014
Yesterday evening before it turned dark
The songs of a wood thrush and meadowlark
Music welcoming in the coming night
While a sphinx moth awakens on my porch light
Soon to flutter within it's glow

Betwixt the dark boles of tall pines
Outside of this domicile's furnished confines
A barred owl flies without a sound
Over a goldsmith beetle crawling on the ground
The gold bug of Edgar Allan Poe

Moon rising in summer's night sky
A leopard frog and toad sitting eye to eye
Each too large for the other to eat
They both hop away from my moving feet
Soon to return to my porch light's glow

Hearing the chirping of a katydid
Coming from the wood sage in which he hid
Wild scents are carried upon a breeze
As I walked even deeper into the shadowy trees
Towards Cedar Creek's musical flow

Awakening, those who slept through day
Inspiration is available only a short walk away
Sweet muse, she resides in this wild land
Her scents and sounds in mind, a pen in my hand
As she flutters within my porch light's glow