Can I Still Amplify My Abundance When I DON'T Want To Give Or Share?

Sep 13, 2019
As I’m sure you know, when you give to those in need, you become aware of your abundance. This awareness reflects off the universal mirrors and brings more abundance into your life. It is always beneficial to your state of abundance to give when you can, but you can only give so much. Eventually, you have to cut the flow and take care of yourself. That said, I will answer a question that was given to me to help shine some light on the concept of self-preservation. That question is:

But what about the times I don't want to give, yet maintain a lifestyle of abundance?

Here’s my answer:

If you realize that someone needs something, it doesn't mean you are required to provide for them just because you recognize their dilemma. Furthermore, you don't need a reason not to give, to spare yourself from some form of backlash from the universal mirrors. The backlash only occurs when you feel you need a reason, and then lie to yourself to ease your guilt. This backlash can be the result of Truth or universal law.

For example, if a homeless person asks you for money and you don't want to give that person money, for no other reason then “just because,” then you don't have to give that person any money. If you aren't motivated to give your money to this person because you enjoy feeling your fat wad of cash in your pocket, then that is a good enough reason. Don't make excuses for not giving the money. Don't try to convince yourself that this person will probably spend the money on drugs or alcohol because you genuinely don't know that. Come to terms that whatever the case may be, you aren’t motivated to do any favors at the moment.

Avoid making excuses because that’s when you will run into adverse issues from Truth. Making excuses is a gentle way of saying that you are lying to yourself which is why Truth visits you after you make excuses for yourself. Be honest with yourself that you are not motivated, and that is good enough. Admit it to yourself and tell it to the universe because that is your right not to force yourself to do what you are not motivated to do.

If someone wants you to help with their move to a new home and you don't want to do it, then don't. If someone wants money and you don't want to give it, then don't. Of course, you probably shouldn't tell them you won't do it because you aren't motivated (that's rude). However, if you tell the homeless person you don't have the money to give or your acquaintance you don't have the time to help, then you are telling the truth. You aren't lying to that person, yourself, or the universe. Within your fat wad of cash folds no bills you intended to give away for free; therefore, you technically don't have the money to give. You have the money for transactions but not to just give. The same goes for your time. If you haven't set any of your time to freely give to someone on your day off, then you haven't any time to give. Be honest with yourself. When you make excuses to ease your self-induced guilt, the eyes of the Dragon (Truth) open and its head faces your direction.

There is a universal rule in the teachings of manifesting abundance that explains how to hold back properly. This rule goes hand-in-hand with the last paragraph. Let’s say you want something and you know you shouldn't buy it. You are not to tell yourself, “I can't afford it.” Instead, you are to tell yourself, “I have the money, but I choose not to spend it on this item,” or “I can afford it, but would rather spend my money on more important things.” When you say it like this, you aren't throwing vibes into the universal mirrors that say you don't have. Instead, you are saying that you do have plenty, but the plenty you have is meant for something else. See the difference? This is very similar to what I'm suggesting in the last paragraph. You are letting the universe know you have the resources to give, but you have them for more important things. You don't randomly give away resources because you appreciate them enough to have a time and place to utilize those resources. Therefore, be honest with yourself, and the divine truth will be a truth you love.

If there was a list of the worst things you can do to yourself, I’m confident that lying to yourself would be in the top five. When you lie to yourself, you are trying to make yourself believe that lie. You are trying to convince yourself that you need a reason or an excuse for being the way you choose to be. You don't need an excuse or a reason. For every lie you tell yourself is a new hurdle you put up. A hurdle that you will eventually have to take down to find your truth. Putting up a hurdle, then taking it down, is a lot of unnecessary work that robs you of your precious time and energy. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to start now. Start being honest with yourself right now and start learning to be ok with it. Don't give out of guilt or any other reason other than a genuine affinity, a sincere appreciation, or a selfless love.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~

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Justin M

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Dec 23, 2019
Almost all the wealthy people I know are very money conscious and have a difficult time letting go of it. However, they are still abundant whether they give or not. Wealthy people are good at receiving abundance in any way they know how to.
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